November 3, 2017

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January 31, 2018

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The insanity of being a number one

December 10, 2017



First up, let me establish that you do not have to be LeBron James or Conor McGregor to live as a number one. Without sounding like I'm trying to give out "great job" stickers and call everyone a winner - I truly believe everybody can be a number one.


People confuse being 'the number one' with being 'a number one.' E.g. they think if they aren't the number one basketball player in the world then they must be number 2 (or worse). This mindset of "there can be only one" discourages a lot of people. It's completely based around you vs everyone else, rather than you vs you. 


Being a number one means you are the best version of yourself. Someone who doesn't settle for mediocrity. Someone working to reach their full potential. You may not be the number one basketball player in the world, but you practice relentlessly and are the best basketball player you can be. And that's all that matters, because how can you want anything more than to be the best you can be?


Being the best version of yourself sounds great but trust me there are challenges that come along with itA number one lives their life according to themselves, they don't take into account other peoples limitations. Number twos  are people who are not the best version of themselves. They look at number ones and don't understand why they do what they do. They think number ones are obsessed, crazy and/or wasting their time. They ask what is the point of putting in so much work? They ask because they're looking at your path - not their own, so of course they are confused, they're not looking at their own path! Never let their confusion cast doubt over your passion.


So, what is the insanity of being a number one? 


The insanity of being a number one is that you will be alone, but at the same time you will be happy to be. At times it will feel odd, because you will move against the grain of society, not following the norms of what everyone else is doing and that's because you can't live your dreams while walking the same road as everyone else.


Anyone who has been a number one knows what I’m talking about. When you are living your passion - you will feel a sense of loneliness, like no one else knows what you want, and that's because they don't. Only you know what you want.


Don't be discouraged! This type of loneliness is good! If you feel alone it means you are on the right path. As the saying goes “if you find yourself on a path that is already paved, you’re likely on someone else’s.” So as you work to achieve your goals, you will find yourself alone paving your path, and that's why it is a good thing. Only you can carve your future, so make sure you make it a good one!

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