November 3, 2017

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January 31, 2018

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Are ready to go after your goals? Or should you wait?

March 3, 2017


A lot of us buy into the idea that "one day" we're going to be able to go out and achieve all our goals. Let me explain why that idea is bullshit and an excuse that millions of people around the world use to procrastinate their lives away.


Trust me, I get it - if you could just wait that little bit longer for that "one day" you'll be perfectly ready and your chances of success will be greater. But guess what? You will never be ready. And that's not personal - it's not just you, it's the same for everyone, no one is ever ready! The people that are chasing their goals aren't ready - they just know that it's better to chase a goal half ready than to keep waiting for a day when they might feel 100%. 


You have probably heard that all before though right? But have you heard this..



You are not built to ever be ready. 


Human beings are not designed to do things that are uncomfortable, scary or difficult. Our brains and instincts are designed to protect us from those things - because that will keep us alive. Our instincts are designed to pursue safety and comfort because that's where we have better chances for survival. We are built to want the comfort zone. That's why it feels so good to sit back and relax on the couch instead of the feeling of running a marathon and  or hustling a grassroots business, those situations are uncomfortable, but they're also the types of situations that pay out achievements.



Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


In order to change yourself, to build a business, to become a better person or to pursue any of your dreams - you're going to have to do things that make you uncomfortable, things that scare you, things that are difficult. That's the challenge and that's all you need to understand. It's a simple point, but it manages to stop millions of people from living out their dreams.


You have to accept and become comfortable with the fact that you will have to do things differently; things that make you feel uncomfortable; things that scare you. If you don't fully accept this you will never feel fully able to take on your goals. You will always feel like you're "not sure" what to do or missing motivation.


Hot tip: You will probably never want to do difficult things, there's no version of you that wants to be in uncomfortable situations. It's natural to want to avoid difficulties, so don't feel bad when you have that reaction. But at the same time - don't avoid the challenging situations because they're what will make you progress.


Become comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable (sometimes). 



Identify if you are committed to doing something or just interested in it.


When you come across a challenge you're basically being asked: are you commitment, or are you just interested?


It's easy to know when you're committed because it's an all or nothing deal. You will either overcome the challenge, or die trying. There's no mysteries when you're committed.


If you're just interested, you'll dabble with overcoming the challenge when it's convenient for you.


If you can identify when you're committed vs. when you're interested it will help with decision making. Your commitments hold higher value than your interests and so you will easily be able to make better decisions if you know what your commitments are and what your interests are.


Reminder: Surprises are surprising!!


When you're committed to chasing a goal I guarantee you that you will eventually come across things you didn't expect to encounter. Now, there's two ways people typically handle surprises.


  1. The surprises we want - we accept happily because they're basically presents. Woohoo!

  2. The surprises we don't want - we call them problems or road blocks. We either let them beat us and the journey ends there, or we work out a way to overcome the problem and continue on until we achieve the goal.


Don't be so surprised next time you get surprised. It's coming and so when it does, handle it right.



Decisions will change your life!


We are forever one decision away from a completely different life. One decision away from a different job, income, relationship, living situation etc. When you trace everything back to the root, everything starts at the point when you made a decision. Decision making is the spark and action is the fuel that powers the change in your life.


All you need to do is make a decision on what you want, realise that you're already running late for it and get after it!

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